About the Seminar

When and where did the seminar take place?
The seminar took place on May 6-7, 2011, at the United States National Archives in Washington, DC. 

Why was the seminar held?
This seminar was held to highlight the enormous progress made in recent years to increase access to materials and documents pertaining to cultural objects looted during the Second World War. It coincided with the unveiling of the most ambitious of these projects – the public launch of a web portal linking researchers to archival materials from the United States National Archives, the German Bundesarchiv, the National Archives of the United Kingdom, and several other international partners.

What did the sessions cover?
One session presented the web portal to attendees and familiarized them with descriptions of records from participating repositories and digital images of the records.

In additional sessions, representatives from art historical archival repositories presented other resources, newly digitized records, and plans for future projects. Experts in provenance research guided discussions on how to utilize these materials, shared results of recent and ongoing research projects, and recommended new approaches and systematic strategies for art provenance research.

How did participants benefit?
By participating in this program, attendees gained increased awareness of, familiarity with, and access to new resources and strategies for provenance research, current international collaborative projects, and knowledge of new electronic tools.

Who was the seminar aimed towards?
The seminar was for curators, registrars, provenance researchers, and all those interested in the processes of archival research.

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